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PuntacanaTrippers Travel Agents program
Enjoy discounted prices by working with DAT, Punta Cana Trippers and Cheaper Shuttles Travel Agents program.

Through our websites travel Agents can offer customers the easiest, economical and fastest transport options. Our transfers are available from and to all major airports, ports, cities and Resort areas in the Dominican Republic and Mexico.

With our automated booking process:
1. Travel Agents can easily book airport transfers for their customers.
2. Travel buyers can enjoy hassle-free travel to and from the airport.
3. Discount on all our services.

Discount for Travel Agencies:
  • From 1 to 15 bookings 5% discount, if during the same month you reach the next booking level your discount increase to 7%.
  • From 16 to 30 bookings 7% discount.
  • From 31 to 46 bookings 9% discount.
  • From 47 up bookings 10% discount this is the highest level.
  • Our automated booking system will monitor the amount of booking you make during each moth and your discount will increase accordingly.
  • Once you reach or meet the next booking level your discount will automatically increase. But have in mind that bookings are not accumulative, you need to start again each month.
Benefits to your customers:
  • Convenience - 24-7 service. Customers can expect an airport transfer whatever time of the day they arrive at or depart for the airport.
  • Economy - Economical Transport options. The Airport Shared Transfers is often the cheapest way to get to your Resort.
  • Comfort - Door-to-door service. Customers are fetched by service provider’s right at the airport and driven right to their hotel entrance.
  • Hassle-free. The driver will handle the customers’ luggage. Assistance upon arrival.
  • Assured Quality - All associate service providers are market leaders.
Benefits to your company:
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction.
  • Create Customer Loyalty.
  • Become Part of a New Travel Technology.
  • Fast Booking Process.
How does it work?
REGISTER CLICK HERE and you will receive a unique travel agent TOKEN. Use this code to get discounts on all our transfers. Just insert the code on the field marked for travel agents located on the second step of the booking process and automatically will get a discounted price.